We are both retired and have been so since 1999 when we moved from Atherstone in the Midlands to Hornsea on the East Yorkshire coast and then in 2017 to an apartment in a grade 2 listed mill known as Riverside Court, Saltaire.
We have views over the river Aire to the other side of the valley and up to Shipley Glen. On the other side of the block is the Leeds to Liverpool canal. Over the canal is Salts Mill with David Hockney's gallery and the village which is a world heritage site. We have a lovely park to hand and walks along the canal and river bank,
We have 2 children (one of each) of whom we are very proud.They have made their homes and lives in places of their choosing and we see them regularly.
They are both successful in their chosen careers and happy with their partners in life. 
We have one Grandchild, Zack who is the son of Antony and Sue and a precocious treasure, wise beyond his years and so tech savvy it is embarrassing. He never ceases to amaze us and we love him dearly.